Who are we?

The focus of INcontext Ministries is world trends, hotspots, changing generations and a Church in transit.  We would like to look at the world through the eyes of local believers.  How do Arab believers view a new American president, how do the believers in Iran feel about Mr.Ahmedinajad...etc.  Through these perspectives we hope to use 30 years of personal experiences to present a seminar to Churches and assist them with an understanding of the world in a Kingdom Context. 

The desired outcome is to equip Churches, Missions commitees and individuals to evaluate global trends within a Christian mission context.  The research behind this seminar has taken years of visits to many countries in the world with a desire to assist the Church world-wide to contemplate the times we live in and find out where God is moving.   The information and perspectives shared during the conference will not be a western interpretation of global events.  With countless visits to the  Arab World, Asia, South East Asia, Africa and the Gulf the  content of this seminar will be shaped by the perspectives gained from interviewing local leaders and missionaries. 

Have a look at the topics and feel free to contact us if you would like to host a seminar of this nature.