Arrange a Seminar

INcontext Ministries use 30 years of personal experiences to present seminars and workshops to Churches and assisting  with an understanding of the world in a Kingdom Context. 

The different seminars presented by INcontext Ministries include:

·         INcontext : Seminars presented upon invitation at churches or groups

·         A World in Context:  Conferences with speakers from strategic regions

·         A Worldview Renewed  workshops for mission leaders and facilitators

The desired outcome is to equip Churches, Missions committees and individuals to evaluate global trends within a Christian mission context.   Topics include:

 How will a shift in global Christianity change missions?

  • Will missions survive a 3rd soil generation(Luke 8:7,14)
  • Do we fully comprehend the reality of a 3rd Jihad?
  • How will freedom in China change missions in the Middle East?
  • How will nuclear weapons in Iran shape religion?
  • Are leaders like Mr.Obama and Mr.Ahmedinajad fulfilling more than just their political agendas?
  • Are we marking the danger signals of a 2 Timothy 3 community?

The ultimate goal is simply to assist the Church in:

·         UNDERSTANDING global events within a Kingdom context

·         ALTERNATING strategies within a contemporary context.