A Worldview Renewed

A unique opportunity for all mission co-ordinators, mission facilitators and mission minded believers to be informed, to be inspired and to evaluate global trends and global events in a Kingdom context.

A 7-day Workshop/ Seminar to assist mission-“servers” in thinking skills required to run mission programs

2 Timothy 2:2  Take the teachings that you heard me proclaim in the presence of many witnesses, and entrust them to reliable people, who will be able to teach others also.


Paul realised early in his ministry that duplication is far more effective than just multiplication.  Church growth will require equipped, informed and inspired leaders who can reproduce themselves through the lives of others.  Missions is no different.  The mission program of any Church is only as healthy and vibrant as the person responsible.  The global strategic involvement of a Church is only as relevant as the world view of those who run the activities.  God can never lead us based on the facts that we do not know.  We can never teach or inspire more than has been revealed to us.


Three decades of missions has taught us that an effective missions program has to start with an equipped leader with a contemporary world-view.  INcontect will be presenting a one week workshop/ seminar that will address the following issues of relevance:




To provide an unique opportunity where mission co-ordinators, mission facilitators and mission minded believers can be quipped to strategically fulfil their roles of guiding people within their respective communities into a strategic and effective mission involvement.  The 7-day Workshop/ Seminar will assist mission-“servers” to look beyond the obvious and renew the thinking skills required to run mission programs.  This is not a “mobilise” seminar but simply a time of confirming and renewing the calling and passion that already exists. 


Content will include

·        Looking at different trends within a Contemporary context:

o    Global shift of Christianity: Decline in the West and growth in Lafricasia

o    Missions and technology.  The lost generation

o    Liberty in Asia and the Back to Jerusalem Movement

o    From seed to fruit and the challenges of Integration in the Muslim World

o    The Persecuted Church and C5 Christianity

o   The Apple Tree Principle and the church and resources

  • Looking in detail at Islam and its global influence within a Kingdom context

o    What do Muslims believe, where do they live and how do we effectively reach out to Muslims

o    The 3rd Jihad and Islam in the West

o    A new face of Islam in the Middle East and the reality of a Nuclear faith

  • Looking at the different continents within a missions context:

o    Africa and Asia

o    Latin America and the Muslim world

o    Europe and North America

  • Looking at the different hotspots within a strategic context:

o    Prophetic hotspots

o    Strategic hotspots

o    Restricted hotspots

o    Unreached hotspots

  • Hosting 5 workshops where mission co-ordinators will be challenged and equipped to organise various events and outreaches within a Church context

o    How to Organise a short-term outreach

o    How to Organise a prayer campaign

o    How to Organise a letter writing campaign

o    How to Organise a serve weekend

o    How to Organise a Youth Mission Event

  • Being exposed to a renewed mind by looking at the Kingdom of God, Persecution, A call to Martyrdom, Human rights and the Cost of Discipleship within a Biblical context



The workshops will be joint projects where the whole group will work on an assignment and share expertise and information.  Actual projects will be developed and input will be given from the seminar leaders.  The person leading devotions will also be coordinating the workshop


Guest speakers

Local missionaries will be invited to come and share thoughts on how they view effective and strategic support from Churches.                     



_         Group                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

?          Devotion by group member

>          Teaching

+         Seminar

-         Workshop

*         Guest Speaker


Proposed Program


11h00                      _  Arrival       

12h00                           Lunch

13h00                      _ Get to know one another           

13h30                      >  Be renewed  

14h00                      _  Orientation, Program

15h00                      +  A Glocal Introduction

                                                            Coffee house syndrome

                                                            Cycle of Faith

                                                            South Africa at a glance            

16h00-18h00        -  Workshop: Local Outreach : Organise a Serving Sunday



_  Breakfast

?  Devotions

_  Attend Church meeting in Embo

_  Afternoon free

* Evening: Guest speaker



08h00                      _  Breakfast

08h30                      ?  Devotions

09h00                      >  A Gospel of Kingdom Glory

10h00               +  Trend #1 A global shift in Christianity


                          Europe, UK, USA

                          Lafricasia, The Muslim World, Asia, Africa

11h30               +  Region 1: Africa

13h30-16h30        -  Workshop: Outreaches: Organise a 10 day outreach to Egypt

18h00                      *  Evening: Guest speaker



08h00                      _  Breakfast

08h30                      ?  Devotions

09h00                      >  A call to martyrdom

10h00               +  Trend # 2 Islam

                                                            What do they believe

                                                            Where do they live

                                                            How do we effectively reach out to Muslims

                                                            The 3rd Jihad and Islam in the West

                                                            A new face of Islam

                                                            Nuclear faith

11h30               +  Region 2: Muslim World

13h30-16h30        -  Workshop:                Prayer: Organise a prayer campaign   during Ramadan

18h00                      *  Evening: Behind the sun



08h00                      _  Breakfast

08h30                      ?  Devotions

09h00                      >  A right to believe?

10h00               +  Trend # 3 Changing Hotspots

                                                            Prophetic Hotspots

                                                            Strategic Hotspots

                                                            Restricted Hotspots

                                                            Unreached Hotspots

                                                            African Hotspots

11h30               +  Region 3: Asia

13h30-16h30        -  Workshop:                Fundraising: Organise a fundraising campaign for Chinese Bibles

18h00                      *Evening: Guest Speaker



08h00                      _  Breakfast

08h30                      ?  Devotions

09h00                      >  An example of Wounds

10h00               +  Trend # 4 From seed to fruit:

The Persecuted Church


C5 Christianity

The Apple Tree Principle

The church and resources

From seed to fruit.

The Muslim World

Asia, Africa

11h30               +  Region 4: Latin America

13h30-16h30        -  Workshop:            Advocacy: Organise a letter writing campaign

18h00                      *  Evening: Guest speaker



08h00                      _  Breakfast

08h30                      >  Devotions

09h00                      ?  An opportunity in battle

10h00               +  Trend # 5 A new generation

Events of note

Perception or Reality?

Generations Apart.

Digital Generation.

Information Generation.

3rd Soil Generation.

11h30               +  Region 5: The West

13h30-16h30        -  Workshop:                Youth: Organise a youth mission weekend

18h00                      *  Evening: Communion



_  Breakfast

?  Prayer and closure




The Course will be held in Hillcrest, kwa Zulu Natal and the total costs for the 7 days (excluding travel to and from Hillcrest) will be R1,850.00  This will include all conference material, a copy of the newly released (October 2010) Operation World, accommodation and all meals and refreshments.  A maximum of 6 people can be accommodated per conference so we would advise a speedy response


The course can alternatively be presented at a region of choice should Churches decide on a joint venture



Two dates have been set aside for the seminar. 

·        5-12 February 2011.

·        2-9 April 2011

       9-16 July 2011


Should there be an interest for more seminars, dates will be set aside according to the needs of applicants