The 18 inch Principle


If ever there was a time to contemplate the role of the Church in a changing world it is today.  The global shift of Christianity, the geographical shift of Islam, the maturity of Faith in China and a revolution of faith in the Arab World will impact the Kingdom of God in a dramatic way.  The fall of Communism, the growth of Atheism, the increase of immorality and the new face of Islam are shaping the world we live in.


But every challenge always comes with the ‘gift wrapping’ of great opportunities and being relevant in a time such as this will demand certain actions. Only those who count the cost, seize the opportunity and sense the urgency will eventually be found amongst the faithful.  How do we approach these times and equip ourselves to live relevant and Biblical lives?  This is what this book is all about. 


There is an old Chinese proverb that provides a key:  “The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart”


The 18-inch principle is especially true for missions.  The sin of our time is that we have replaced an army of soldiers with a band of entertainers.  The battle-field has changed to a playing field.  The challenge of our generation is to get the message of missions from head to heart and to move from self to God.  This will demand extreme and radical lifestyles.  It will require a willingness to be offended, complete and utter death to self, and to be wholeheartedly obsessed with the glory of God.


What must happen to bridge this 18-inch gap in missions?  How do we make a theology of missions a passion for souls?  This is what this book is all about. 


The 18 inch journey will move inch-by-inch, step-by-step and chapter-by-chapter. We start the journey with the act of Abdication and then progress on the journey to the heart of missions as follows:

2.      Adulation,

3.      Amputation,

4.      Acquisition,

5.      Alternation,

6.      Anguish,

7.      Affection,

8.      Attention,

9.      Aspiration,

10.  Acceptance,

11.  Activation,

12.  Alertness,

13.  Anticipation,

14.  Acquaintance,

15.  Alignment,

16.  Application,

17.  Aggression and

18.  Acceleration


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