Get Involved!

Our God is a God on a mission and He is calling us into that mission, presenting us with an awe inspiring opportunity to partner with Him in what He is doing and where He is moving. 

YOU can be involved by being informed through our newsletters and seminars, praying, starting a prayer group, arranging a seminar in your church, donating, sponsorship, adopting a project in your church, cell group, youth group or circle of friends, arranging an outreach, sponsoring Bibles...the list is endless! 

The different activities of INcontext Ministries includes:

  • INcontext : Seminars presented upon invitation at churches or groups
  • A World in Context:  Conferences with speakers from strategic regions
  • A Worldview Renewed : Workshops for mission leaders and facilitators
  • A World in Motion: Bi-weekly update on current events from a spiritual perspective
  • Website: www.incontext.webs.com : Up to date information of the Persecuted Church and Christians living in restricted areas
  • Strategic projects based on research and expressed by Christian leaders in restricted areas