Heroes of Faith

These three pages are dedicated to our heroes of faith who daily choose between life and death and compromise or faithfulness.  Our obsession with Christian celebrities has robbed us of the wealth that is to be found in the presence of those who love Christ more than they love life. These are the unsung heroes that seldom appear in Church bullitens but whose names are written in the book of life. 

These are the ones we know of.  The countless unsung heroes who practice the normal Christianity of persecution need to be honoured in the same fashion as a standing Jesus honoured Stephen when he was stoned to death (Acts 7).  These are the clouds of witnesses as described in Hebrew 13 and their lives become a benchmark for those who choose to deny the self, take up the cross and follow Jesus.

These pages are updated daily and we invite you visit here as often as possible and place these names on the bulletins of your fellowship.  They deserve to be known and they deserve to be prayed for.

There is a page dedicated to our modern-day martyrs and another page to those who glorify the Lord through persecution. There is also a page with current news events

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