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INcontext Ministries is a faith based ministry with a sincere desire to act as servants within the Christian community.  We have made a decision that we would never charge for providing news.  This has meant that none of the staff have taken a salary, but rather have trusted Godís People to stand with us to help us continue bringing you news from the frontline's of faith around the world.

All of us depend on friends and churches for support and to continue to run an effective ministry we would need partners who would supply the basic needs. 

You can make a contribution by sponsoring in the following areas:

  • Sponsor an INcontext staff member by assisting in day to day ministry expenses ranging from fuel expenses, telephone costs, admin costs such as printer cartridges, paper etc.  : US$280 / R2,000.00 per month/ staff member
  • Assist the ministry in sending out the bi-weekly updates to hundreds of leaders and mission facilitators across the globe:  US$335 / R2,400.00 per month
  • The duties of INcontext staff members also include travelling to strategic countries to conduct interviews with local believers and assist in training and project identification.  They would desperately depend on partners to assist in covering the expenses.     Ī US$1700 / R12,000.00 per trip   

We are currently unable to facilitate donations through the website.  Please fill out the form below and click 'submit' should you wish to make a contribution to any of the above needs, or international projects, so that we can contact you with required details.

*I would like to make a dontaion. Please contact me with regards to:
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