The program is flexible and can be done over a number of evenings or during a weekend.  Presentations can be made in English or in Afrikaans.  The following program is suggested:


  • 18h30-19h30      Introduction and welcome
  • 19h45-21h00      Can you see the Kingdom?

Key to missions in not the winning of souls nor reaching the lost but understanding the Kingdom of God.  Before looking at the 5 changeables in global events we will start the seminar with this solid foundation.



08h30-09h30        Generations Apart

A look at how faith experience changed from one generation to the next and how the (mis)information explosion and Digital generation affects missions.  We now live in borderless societies with technologic opportunities like never before in history.  Topics:

  • Perception or reality
  • Generations apart 
  • Digital Generation
  • Information Generation
  • 3rd soil Generation


10h00-10h40        A Church in Transit: The Church in  Glocal  context

Central to missions today is a clear understanding of the global shift of Christianity.  This topic will therefore be divided into three sessions.  The Church in Glocal (global and local) context, the Church in the West and the Church in the Rest. 

Key to missions is the local Church (John 17:9-20).  In stead of focussing all our attention on the unreached people groups we need to understand the location of those who are placed within a local context to be the witnesses (Acts 1:8) amongst their own people.  The key to the Arab world is found in Egypt. Cairo is home to the biggest Church in the Arab world, housed in a cave on a garbage dump.  The Coptic Church in Egypt is one of the major people groups within a mission context today.  Are we equipping this mission force to reach the Arab world or are we ignoring a key role player within a Kingdom context?  Topics:

  • What in the world? (Time for questions and answers)                              
  • A Coffee-house syndrome
  • A Changing Faith in South Africa
  • A Changing Discipleship


11h10-11h50        A Church in Transit: The Church in  the West

There is a dramatic decline of the Church in the western world.  certificates of "debaptism" are in high demand in the UK.  How did the elction of pres.barak Obama influence missions and how is the Church in the USA doing?  key questions in a missions context. 

  • What in the world? (Time for questions and answers)
  •  Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • USA


12h20-13h00        A Church in Transit:  The Church in the rest

The Church in the Arab world is shifting from Traditional believers to Muslim Converts.  The Church in Europe is declining and China is experiencing the greatest and longest revival in the history of the Church.  Why?  Have we identified the new Global mission force and have we alternated our strategies to equip the Church in restricted areas?

  •    What in the world? (Time for questions and answers)
  •     The Muslim World
  •     Asia
  •     Africa
  •     A newmission force

 13h00-14h00      Lunch

14h00-14h50        A World in Motion.

 The world is a body in motion.  The trends of last year will be different this year and missions can only be understood in this context.  Strategies must change within a changing world.  The harvest fields identified in the past have changed during the years and the needs are changing with it.  Islam has a new and appealing message and the faces of freedom and persecution are changing as well. .  How will this affect missions?  Are we in line with a transforming God.

  • What in the world?
  • Islam
  • Islam in the West
  •  A Changing Islam
  • A Changing Asia
  • A Changing harvest

 15h20-16h20        Regions of relevance

There are strategic hotspots and definite gateways to the Arab world and to the Gulf region.  Are we involved?  How will the apocalyptic priest in Iran affect future events and what can we learn from China and India.  How will Sudan stand as a wall in Africa.  Key questions that demands strategic answers.  The following countries will be addressed in a context of change and relevance:

  • What in the World?
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • China and India
  • Sudan

 16h50-17h20        Developing Needs 

“Go and Make” has changed in some regions to “find and equip”.  does discipleship happen before of after conversion?  What resources are available and is it used effectively?  There is a new mission force, the persecuted Church, to equip, send and support.  Are we involved?  Do we understand that the change in generations resulted in a change of needs which in turn demands a change in strategies.

  • What in the world?
  • The Church and resources
  • The cost of conversion
  • The Apple tree principle

 17h30-18h30       Significant strategies.

                              Looking at 10 strategies that will address the changes discussed in the previous sessions.


18h30-19h00      Conclusion